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Clean eating doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive with the holiday season. All your favorite recipes can be made cleaner with a few simple substitutions, and being mindful of your portions will go a long way. Opting for whole grains over refined ones, or minimally processed sugars over granulated white or brown sugar are just a couple of ways you can increase the healthiness of the recipe. Have a look at our list for six suggestions on how to eat clean and keep your body and waistline happy this holiday season.

here are the steps

1. Cook It Yourself

If you’re going to a holiday party and you want to ensure that what you are eating is clean, make it yourself. If you are not attending a potluck, offer to bring a dish to the party. You may want to check with your host first to see which dish would be best to bring. Many hosts will welcome homemade dishes brought by others as it cuts down on their own cooking time.

2. Opt For Whole Grains

One of the best decisions you can make when eating clean this holiday season is to choose whole grains over refined ones. Prepare traditional stuffing with whole wheat bread or brown rice instead of white, or try higher protein grains such quinoa or millet.

3. Show Those Veggies Some Love

Create a few simple and delicious veggie side dishes and have them take up most of the room on your plate. Many veggies can be dressed up by tossing them in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs. Stick them in the oven to roast and you’re all set. Mix the veggies so you have a colorful, wholesome side dish – root vegetables and brussel sprouts are a great option this time of year.

4. Chew Slowly and Savor

It takes time for our brain to receive signals from our stomach indicating fullness. If you eat slowly, you will consume less food by the time you get those signals than if you eat quickly. In one study, fast eaters consumed about one and a half times the food per minute than slow, conscious eaters.

5. Don’t Deprive Yourself

Deprivation can lead to bingeing so don’t forgo that dessert if you really want it just for the sake of eating clean. Many holiday desserts can be made healthier by switching out granulated white or brown sugar for less refined alternatives such as honey, agave, or dehydrated cane juice sugar. Remember to not to indulge in everything. Pick what you want most and indulge in that.

6. Forgo the Second Helping

When you go for seconds, it generally leads to a stomach ache and guilt. Instead, go for a walk and separate yourself from the food.

Clean eating is definitely possible during the holidays if you plan ahead. Try out some of these tips, you’ll be surprised at how a small change can make a big difference.

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