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Could having a healthy blood level of vitamin D help you avoid the intensive care unit and death if you become infected with COVID-19?

We have known for a long time that vitamin D can boost your immune system.  But now, new information shows it may protect you from severe symptoms of Coronavirus.

While there are no peer-reviewed, long-term studies yet, many researchers from different countries are finding that the sickest patients often have the lowest levels of vitamin D. Countries with higher death rates had larger numbers of people with low blood levels of vitamin D than countries with lower death rates.

Healthy levels of vitamin D may protect people who acquire COVID-19 by limiting the cytokine storm, when the immune system overreacts and attacks its own body’s cells.

While the research is still ongoing, there’s no harm and many benefits (improved immunity, lowers cancer risk, improves bone health, lowers diabetes risk, improves health in pregnancy) to boosting your levels of vitamin D. You can buy a trusted brand of vitamin D on Fullscript and see my other immune boosting recommendations including vitamin C, zinc, probiotics, and multi-vitamins. Go to Fullscript, Catalog, and under Categories, see “Immune Support”.

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The CDC now says that COVID-19 is unlikely to spread through surfaces. What this means for us is that I will likely not be changing shirts between each patient. This will lessen the wait times for all of our patients. We will continue to wipe down the tables between each patient, wipe down doorknobs and surfaces frequently, require hand washing and masks, and run air filters.

Please Help Support Our Office

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place restrictions have hit us hard. If you are able, we would greatly appreciate your support so that we can continue to be here for you when this outbreak is over.

You can help us by purchasing Functional Medicine care, pre-purchasing chiropractic or massage visits, or visit our online dispensary, Fullscript, to order your supplements online. Ordering from Fullscript allows you to get the highest quality supplements and have them shipped directly to your door, and also supports our small business. We hope you will consider this if you are ordering supplements via Amazon or elsewhere.

We offer chiropractic adjustment 6 packs, Decompression 6 packs, or gift certificates for Functional Medicine, chiropractic, and massage services. You can purchase a 6 pack or a gift certificates and schedule your appointment by email or over the phone. Please consider treating yourself or a loved one and schedule relief that you can look forward to.

You can email us at to purchase a gift certificate or a 6 pack or if you need help signing up for Fullscript.

Did you know that we now offer Functional Medicine for you or anyone in the country?

Oakland Chiropractor Stressed Core Wellness Functional MedicineI have been studying Functional Medicine for the past year and I’m excited to roll out this wonderful new service! Functional Medicine addresses the root cause of disease, using a systems-oriented, patient-focused model. It addresses not just the symptoms (like pain) but the underlying, often systematic causes of the symptoms. For example, systemic inflammation can cause pain and gastrointestinal dysfunction can cause inflammation.

So rather than just addressing the pain through adjustments, we will help to heal your gut to reduce inflammation and thereby reduce pain. I do this through specialized testing, lifestyle modifications, and supplementation.

We now have test kits available that are sent to you that you can do safely in your own home. We will order them for you and the tests will be sent to you with clear, easy to understand instructions. You then mail the test back to the lab — no contact required — and we’ll follow up with you in a couple weeks. We will check the health of your gut, testing for things like leaky gut, gut inflammation, gut pathogens or infections, good vs. bad gut bacteria, and digestive enzyme insufficiencies. Issues in your gut can lead to all kinds of problems including pain.

We can also check your stress hormones with a safe home kit.

Interested in starting Functional Medicine with Dr. Finnegan? Or do you know someone who could benefit? You can email us at or call 510-922-1579.



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